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Solar Camping Lamp and Charger

This product is designed for entrepreneurs, refugees and families who want bright light in camping, in container house or any. Furthermore the product has a USB output that can charge mobile phones and other low-powered USB devices.



SolaLight is a compact solar lighting solution. It’s included 2 sets of 12V LED bulbs, power pack and 3W solar panel. It is capable of lighting 2 bulbs for 6 hours at the same time by utilizing solar energy. If solar energy is not sufficient, its micro USB is accepted power generation the utility. Besides, it’s equipped with USB charger port for mobile device.


Main Features

Ø  3W solar panel included

Ø  Built-in Ultra-light LED

Ø  2 sets of 12V LED Bulbs included

Ø  Built-in USB charger port for mobile device

Ø  Built-in Lithium-ion Battery (>4000mAh)


contact & showroom

Norm Energy Systems Ltd.

Perpa Trade Center / Istanbul, Turkey

Phone : +90 212 444 0 941

Mobile : +90 532 653 14 50




SolaLight DataSheet

SolaLight Quick-Guide / User Manual