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Independent lighting with Solar Energy and LED products

Eco-Friendly LED products combine with renewable energy, wouldn’t that be great?

We remove your lighting cost with using LED’s and Solar energy together as NORM ENERGY.

LED lighting fixtures can respond every kinds of lighting requirements with such as home, garden, street, office, storehouse, environment, safety etc. applications. LED lighting fixtures which are suitable for PV applications (12V/24VDC), are common nowadays too. It is very useful with protection rating that is suitable for outdoor (against to pressure water and dust).  Hull material made of Aluminium and colour options are available.

As to LED Projectors, are developed natively to classical projectors that consume high energy. It is suitable for Solar application, with 12V/24VDC options. Against to dust and water protection levels are available too.

As a result of LEDs which are eco-friendly, are no longer noncontestable technology with long working life and high efficiency in lighting area.

Process is very simple;

We swap old lighting products with LED lighting products, integrate Solar panel to the system and produce electricity the Sun.

Moreover, you can take advantage of Solar energy for lighting and the other loads in places unavailable electricity, high voltage change, far away the grid.

Dealership will be given to neighbouring, regional and Africa countries.

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