LED Lighting
Led Light Solar Products


LED Technology for Efficient, Economic and Cheap Lighting

We reduce your lighting cost to minimum using LED technology which is new generation lighting product.

You can change lighting systems with LED products ver you want such as house, garden, street, office, factory.

You can practice economy especially, old projectors and light fixtures that are consumed high energy, swap with LED.

You can use LED products outdoor or indoor.

What is the LED?

LED (Light Emitting Diode), is the newest lighting technology. Its benefits are countless.

Ø  In comparison with standart lamp, it consumes 80% less energy.

Ø  Non-heat dissipating

Ø  CO2 emission is minimum.

Ø  It has long working life and high impact resistance.

Ø  It is not harmful to healt.

Ø  Suitable for automation and have different kinds colour and types,

it can be dimmed.

Ø  It is eco-friendly lighting technology.

Ø  Comfort, safety and economy are all together.

Dealership will be given to neighbouring, regional and Africa countries.

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